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Call us today to understand why there is so much more that goes into creating a great bathroom than just plumbing and tiling.

     Our commitment

Our Commitment


Are you tired of tradesmen failing to keep appointments?

At Regency Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on punctuality and time management.

When we commit to a date and time, we live up to that commitment.


One of the strengths of Regency Bathrooms is its tradepeople. We pride ourselves on engaging tradespeople of the highest caliber.

All the people that make up the Regency Bathrooms team have provided consistent quality workmanship over a very long period of time.


At Regency Bathrooms, old fashioned manners and courtesy are not so old fashioned!

Our tradespeople understand the importance of being polite. After all that is why they are part of the Regency Bathrooms team.

And remember... there are no half measures with Regency Bathrooms!




If you require work to be carried out on taps or water pipes in your home you would naturally call a licensed plumber!

Equally if you required repair or replacement of ceramic tiles, you would call a reputable tiler.

In saying this, does it not make sense when requiring a bathroom renovation to call a professional bathroom renovator?

Someone who specialises in all aspects of wet area renovations?

Regency Bathrooms understands there is much more to a professional bathroom renovation than just plumbing or tiles. Our team prides itself on providing the very best service in all aspects of the renovation process, from quotation to completion. Call us today to understand why there is so much more that goes into creating a great bathroom than just plumbing and tiling. As you can see we are the specialists!

     How to...

Steps for Your New Bathroom

Undertaking a bathroom renovation can be a daunting task.

At Regency Bathrooms we take all of the stress out of the experience and leave you to do only the fun stuff.

Step 1 - Get your quotes. Now remember when you are asking people to provide you with a quotation to ensure that all of your suppliers and tradesmen are quoting you for the same things.  Many will offer you inferior products or expect you to undertake things yourself like the permits for example.

Step 2 - Compare the quotes.

Step 3 - Engage your renovator.  With Regency we will ask you to sign a contract.  At this point we will also sit with you to finalise things like design, layout and product selection.

Step 4 - Get your permits done.  With Regency there is no need to worry about this as we will prepare all the drawings required and apply and pay for the permits.

Step 5 - Organise where you are going to shower etc for the duration of the project.  If you engage Regency to do the renovation we will provide you with a temporary shower and toilet for the duration of the works.

Step 6 - At Regency we will assist you with colour co-ordination, tile and joinery colour selection as well as paint colours and accessories.  So sit back and enjoy the renovation we will organise everything and everyone!

     Building regulations


NT Building Advisory Committee Building Policies


This policy clarifies the application of the NT Building Act to minor works to wet areas of houses (class 1) and associated outbuildings (class 10) in gazetted building areas.

1 Building approval is required where there are alterations and/or additions to buildings including:-

  • New walls or partitions
  • Breaking into or altering elements of the building (walls, floors etc)
  • Installation of new fixtures or fittings (not being replacement of like for like)
  • Replacement of a window

2 Certification from a NT registered certifying plumber (for design and completed works) is required for all plumbing and drainage works including:-

  • All sanitary drainage works
  • Replacement of any plumbing or drainage service, fixture or fitting with a non-similar/different component (not being replacement of like for like)
  • Relocation, removal or addition of any plumbing or drainage service, fixture or fitting.

3 There is not a requirement for certification from an NT registered certifying plumber or building approval for maintenance and/or minor renovation or refurbishment of wet areas to houses (class 1) or associated outbuildings (class 10) which includes:-

  • Maintenance of any fixture, fitting or surface to a wet area including tiling.
  • New joinery
  • Replacement of like for like including a plumbing fixture or fitting with a similar component. Removing a bath and installing a shower or vice versa IS NOT LIKE FOR LIKE.

The term maintenance and/or minor renovation or refurbishment does not include sanitary drainage nor the installation of a new service or fitting nor the creation of a new opening in the walls or floor.

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